Sludge Treatment

Sludge Treatment

Different sources of sludge:

  • sludge from refinery
  • sludge from other industrial activity
  • sewage sludge

Our Sludge incineration system consists in:

  • sludge pre-treatment and feed, adapted to the type and source of sludge
  • Primary Combustion Chamber (rotary kiln) fitted with a Pulvaporizator®,
  • Secondary Combustion Chamber (static furnace) fitted with a Pulvaporizator®,
  • energy recover system,
  • exhaust gas purification system,
  • solid ash extraction and removal system
  • alarm system and
  • emergency handling system.

Energy recovery thanks to the production of steam:

  • high pressure steam can produce electricity by means of a turbine
  • low pressure steam can be used in sea water desalination processes or district heating.