Centralized Solid Waste Treatment

  • Automatic waste feeding system
  • Special water tube boiler to avoid plugging & corrosion

Petrochemical Waste

  • Ethylene, Butane, Ethyl benzene, Polyethylene, SBS, oily sludges, etc.
  • Production of steam and electricity
  • Spent caustic soda, ethylene, butane, etc.

VCM or ECH Waste Treatment

  • High pressure steam production
  • Anhydrous HCI gas recycled to oxychlorination reactor
  • No dioxins

PCB Transformer Dismantling & Recycling

  • Destruction of PCB (PolyChloroBiphenyl)
  • Copper and scrap steel recovery
  • HCI solution recovery
  • High pressure steam recovery
  • Payback in less than 2 years

Carbon TetraChloride Decomposition

  • HCI solution recovery
  • Steam production
  • No dioxins

CDM Projects – HFC 23 Decomposition

  • Technology recognised by UN Authorities
  • No dioxins
  • Instrumentation and Gas Measurement to meet CDM Executive Board requirements
  • Payback in less than 6 months

Sludge from Refinery

  • Water tube boiler producing 40 barg steam followed by electricity production